We Like To Involve Our Parents


Successful co-operation between parents and carers is important because it also has an effect on your child's development.

This is why we encourage a culture of co-operation, continuous exchange between parent and carer and joint planning of parties, events and excursions.



We offer settling in sessions where you can stay with your little one and experience exactly what they will be experiencing throughout the day. This gives you the opportunity to inform our staff about every detail of your child's likes and interests to enable us to not only get to know your child's every needs but to also give you piece of mind that the staff fully understand your every requirement.



While your child’s is at Bookworms we will observe and monitor your child’s individual development , and record this in their ‘Learning Journey’.  This is completed  a online programme, meaning you will be able to view your child's learning journal at any time to suit yourself. You can even download and print off reports from your child's learning journal for you to keep and treasure forever.


When your child starts at Bookworms we ask parents/carer to complete an About Me form which helps us understand your child that little bit better and informs us of what they are capable of, what they eat, how they sleep, etc, etc.



At the beginning and end of each session the staff will give feedback to Parents/Carers about your child's day, as well as daily diary sheet for the Little Caterpillars. We have a whiteboard displayed in our Little Bears Room which will show what meals the children have had throughout the day. There is also a display by the entrance/exit of the nursery of any  forthcoming events.



Every six months we hold a parents evening for you to come in and discuss your child's progress, it is also a great opportunity to chat about any issues either party has about your child.



Parents and Carers are often invited to participate in nursery activities such as Halloween workshop, whereby Parents/Carers come into nursery and do themed crafts with their child.

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