Meal Time

Lisa our nursery cook prepares all meals freshly on site ensuring that all children's needs are catered for such as, vegetarians, children with allergies and children with dislikes to certain foods. Our menus are on a three weekly rota and have a spring/summer and a autumn/winter menu, where the children will experience foods from all different ethnic backgrounds.

Sample Of Our Spring & Summer Menu




Afternoon Snack


Corned beef Hash, mixed vegetables & gravy

Homemade apple pie & ice-cream

Butternut Squash soup with bread roll



Pasta bolognaise

Garlic bread

Orange smiles

Cream cheese bagels with mixed salad 


Chicken and leak pie with seasonal veg

Strawberry angel delight

Chicken sandwiches & tomato’s


Chinese chicken curry,

Rice and prawn crackers

Homemade rice pudding with jam

Cheese & tomato pizza & coleslaw


Fish cakes, mashed potatoes, green beans & parsley sauce

Shortbread biscuits with strawberries

A selection of crackers, cheese, ham & salad, with crisps

Vegetarian Options  = Quorn Spaghetti Bolognese,  Quorn Chicken,  Quorn sausages, Veggie Fingers

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