Little Bears

 Little Bears is for children aged 2-3 yrs, working on a ratio of 1:4, it is split into the different key areas of learning such as, home-corner, small world, mathematics area, sand & water play, reading/cosy area, investigation area, music and mark making area. Having these specific areas gives children confidence to explore and discover at their own pace, also enabling them to develop their own interests.

Staff encourage children to choose their own activities during free play time within the daily routine. At circle time the children enjoy a variety of activities such as singing, story time or finding  a coloured object within the room to fit in with the colour of the month.

The children are encouraged to wash their hands before and after mealtimes, to put on shoes and coats when going outside and feeding themselves with a spoon or fork at meal times, this is always done with support from a member of staff if needed, encouraging and building your child's independence.

 All of our children will be assigned a key worker, who will observe and plan for that child using the child's interests, ensuring that they are meeting your child's needs and helping them develop.

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