Questions You May Have

Here we hope we can answer any questions you may have, if you have a question that is not answered please do not hesitate in calling us.

Tel: 0121 448 4112


How do I book extra sessions?

You should contact the nursery manager to confirm availability or see availability sheets displayed in nursery.


How do I pay for extra sessions?

Extra sessions will be invoiced the following month.


Do I need to let you know of a child absence?

Yes, please contact the nursery to inform us that your child will not be attending, we can then reschedule the planned activities for your child. If your child is absent due to ill health it is important we are aware of any communicable illness.


Will I still have to pay fees when my child is ill?

Full fees will still apply when your child does not attend due to ill health.


How are fees calculated?

Fees are calculated on your contracted sessions over a year with annual leave and christmas closure already deducted. This is then calculated over 12 months to enable fees to remain the same each month.


What happens when I book a holiday?

Please let us know as soon as possible when you plan to have holidays.


Do I need to still pay when I am on holiday?

Holiday deductions have already been taken out of fees so payments will remain the same when on holiday.


Is my child eligible for Government Nursery funding?

Children become eligible for government funding for a nursery placement the term after they turn three years old. In some circumstances funding may also be available from two years old.


Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We accept all childcare vouchers. 


My child needs medication can they still attend Nursery?

If the medication is prescribed by a doctor and you have been giving your child the medication for the past 24 hours (in case of an allergic reaction) then we are happy for your child to attend nursery and administer the medication on your behalf.


I wish to cancel my child's place, how much notice do I have to give?

We will require one calendar month's written notice to cancel your child's place at our Nursery


What food is provided for the children?

Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon tea are provided for your children including a healthy morning snack.


Do you provide milk for my child?

We are part of the nursery milk scheme and your child will be offered milk each day they attend nursery. If your child still has formula you will need to provide that either in the tin or measured out into a container and marked how much is in it, please do not make bottle up as we only allowed to keep them for 1hr.


Will I be given regular progress reports on my child's development?

  • A daily diary of events and activities undertaken will be given to parents when they collect their child.

  • Parents evening is twice per year.

  • Children's learning journeys are completed online, therefore you will have access to them 24/7

Do you have parents evenings?

We hold a Parent`s evening twice a year to discuss your child's progress throughout the term. However, we are always happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have for your child anytime. Please contact the Nursery Manager who will be only too happy to help!


How can I read your latest OFSTED report?

Yes our  latest OFSTED report is available on our inspections page.


Do I need to inform you where my child is going to school?

When your child is due to go to a school nursery or reception, it is important to let us know where they will be going so we can work in partnership with your chosen school and share with them your child's learning journey so far, helping them with the next transition in school life.


Do I receive any discounts for more than one child?

We offer a 5% discount to siblings of children already attending the nursery.

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